Management By Walking Around

10 SEP 2019

Hello Corporate American Minions! Once again here I am for another installment of truth.

      Management by Walking Around is a concept that has been around since the dawn of Corporate America.  In most of the offices I have worked in the MBWA method of leadership seemed to be the bedrock of management philosophy – or should I say “manglement” philosophy.  To the manager’s mind it must be that walking around, being seen, and asking irrelevant questions to the lowly minion class equals leadership.  In prepping for today’s blog post topic I had my crack DOGSCORPORATEBLOG.COM research staff do some investigating. I think they just went to all things internet and searched for (aka Googled)  ” Management by Walking Around”.  I had no idea that MBWA was something that people out in the cyber world spent a lot of effort expounding on!  On the net we found Management By Walking Around books, articles, pamplets, blogs, etc…. who knew that such an inane concept was really a thing.  I should have gotten an MBA so I would be aware of the popularity of MBWA and capitalized on it. 

The crack Research Staff at DOGSCORPORATEBLOG.COM

Management By Walking Around is the only way some managers can show their worth to the company.  If they cannot do anything else, managers can at least grace the minions with their presence from on-high, sashay gracefully through the cubicle aisles, and cover us minions with their loving, deep wisdom. If the minions know what is good for them, they will placate the glorious leader just like a North Korean dictator.  Minion Comrades, get those little notebooks out and start taking “field notes” for the Great Leader Manager is among us!  After the encounter,  the Great Manager can then report to the next level up that all is well in the trenches and the minions are under control.  No one likes minions that aren’t under control. The thought of out-of-control minions is scary to management.  Out-of-control minions even scares the minion class.  No manager? No leadership direction? No TPS reports?  OMG – complete anarchy and chaos!! 

MBWA managers are not too bad as long as when the stop by your cube they just make idle chit-chat to pretend they care about your lowly minion personal life and throw out a few manager pearls of wisdom such as: “work smarter not harder”, “think outside the box”, “embrace change”, blah, blah, blah. (“Think outside the box” has always made me laugh…my minion hovel of a house is a box, my car is boxy, the building I work in looks like a shoe box, and I work in a cubical. ) When managers start trying to get involved in actual project decision making that is when the project turns into a inescapable death spiral.

I must say that a MBWA manager is better than a manager that stays hidden behind an office door. I’ve always been a little suspicious of those cagey, never to-be-seen manager types. What are they hiding? Why the secrecy? We minions are a skittish bunch and when we feel information is being withheld our imaginations go to the worst possible scenario. LAYOFFS!! CRAP… I JUST BOUGHT A CAR AND MY DAUGHTER GOT BRACES!!!

So that is it for now my fellow CA minions…send me your “Management By Walking Around” stories…. Be sure to check out the “THE CHALLENGE” page and send me your CA story.  If I use it I’ll send you a cheap, crappy T-shirt!!!

Until next time my minion-in-arms, keep your head down and keep wearing that Kevlar underwear!!

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