Negative or Realistic…is there a difference???

14 SEP 2019

Hello Corporate American Minions! Once again here I am for another installment of truth.

     For today’s topic I would like to cover negativity in the work place.  If you have accidentally read any of my previous posts or were compelled to do so because you lost a bet, you may have read them and got the impression that I am a very negative Corporate American minion.  In my feeble attempts to be humorous, I may come across as one of those old angry office dudes (think Oscar the Grouch or Bernie Sanders) that is just pissed off at the world for no reason in particular. We all have seen that tired-looking, gray headed guy that shuffles around the office with his shoulders hunched-over, looking at the floor and a permanent scowl imprinted on his face mumbling to himself. I hate the thought of being “that guy”.  You know, the dude that other office minions want nothing to do with, whisper when he is within earshot, and only engage him/her when they absolutely have to and even then keep those encounters as short as possible.  A root canal is preferable to having to be on a project team with “that guy (or girl)”!!    

     On the contrary, I like to have fun at work.  We corporate minions spend so much of our adult lives at the office so its not worth walking around looking/acting like a sour puss, Bad Luck Schleprock, or Eeyore (if you’re under 40 you may have to google those last two references!).   BUT, however motivating I like to be at the office, unfortunately my negative side kicks in when I hear or see things that I know will more than likely end up bad.  I don’t like to call it being negative.  I like to think of it as being realistic. A minion colleague once told me, “It’s not being negative. Its called experience”.  Normally my “experience” kicks in when chuckleheads (aka managers) present me with great “opportunities” that feel more like punishment, or when manglement decides it is time for a re-org, or new vague cost cutting strategies are being implemented and all the minions need to get on board with the plan. Even as all this is being doled out to the minions serfs from the management upper-class, there are still a few of us that try to stay positive and keep a “stiff upper lip” as our British minion brothers and sisters might say.  As much as I denigrate the Corporate American office environment, I do feel that there are positive benefits for the minion class employees being able to personally interact and huddle together.  I had a military minion once tell me, “there is something bonding about being in the suck together”.   I think that is very true…let me know what you think!

      My fellow minions, please try to stay positive through humor, fellowship, false motivation, or whatever takes!!  Try not to be beaten into apathy like so many fellow minions are… when hope is lost, all is lost….  Our time on this Earth is so very limited – “do what you gotta do”!!!



So that is it for now my fellow CA minions…are you negative? positive? realistic? or just don’t care? !! Regardless, I get it… Send me your story…. Be sure to check out the “THE CHALLENGE” page and send me your CA story.  If I use it I’ll send you a cheap, crappy T-shirt!!!

Until next time my minion-in-arms, keep your head down and keep wearing that Kevlar underwear!!

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