Minion Hunger Games

4 OCT 2019

Hello Corporate American Minions! Once again here I am for another installment of truth.

My fellow minions…how I love you!!  We all know what it is like to trudge daily through the muck, sweat, and drudgery that is known as Corporate America.   A question for you – could the minion-class ever band together, rise up, and throw off the yoke of oppression that has been thrust upon us by the Corporate Elite upper-class? Not a chance. That ain’t never gonna happen!  We Corporate American minions are the most self-defeating beings on the planet.  If we are not doing things that harm our own well-being, then we are probably doing something that is screwing the minion in the next cube over. 

The minion class (of which I am a proud member) will disparage management from dusk to dawn. However, we also relish attention they give us.  It is like a drug,,,management attention may or may not be bad for us but it definitely doesn’t do us any good. The thing that is sad is that minions will turn one another just to get a pat on the head.   One minute we are minion brothers or sisters to the end, or at least until the end of the workday, and the next minute we are stabbing each other in the back for an “atta boy”!  Why is that?  

Is the dopamine rush of a missive little compliment from a low level or even a senior manager so great it’s worth selling your self-esteem for? From my 30+ years of experience in the trenches it seems that it is for most minions. Minions…hear me well, we have got to stick together. Management sees us only as resources to be used until we are no longer needed. I accept that as our lowly minion lot in life, but that doesn’t mean I will turn on my minion teammate for some minor infraction or to get a meaningless “good job” from an apathetic manager.

Stick together my minion brothers and sisters…we need each other. If we don’t look out for each other no-one else will!

That is it for now – send me your favorite Corporate America back stabber story…. Be sure to check out the “THE CHALLENGE” page and send me your CA story.  If I use it I’ll send you a cheap, crappy T-shirt!!!

Until next time my minion-in-arms, keep your head down and keep wearing that Kevlar underwear!!

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