The Good Idea Fairy

The Corporate American Good Idea Fairy

7 OCT 2019

Hello Corporate American Minions! Once again here I am for another installment of truth.

Have you ever worked on a team with a Good Idea Fairy? A Good Idea Fairy (aka GIF) is that teammate that throws out all those “excellent” ideas on how to do things but has no intention of being the person that actually puts the work in to implement this great idea. Normally the GIF likes to make sure that a member of management is around when they spout off their pearls of wisdom. Team meetings are normally the place a GIF unveils their greatness. They need as big as audience as possible. It’s all about showmanship! The GIF wants to make sure they get full credit whether or not their idea is put into use. Regardless of how much work the poor minion that gets stuck with this awesome assignment exerts, the GIF will make sure everyone knows it was their idea!

The magic of the Good Idea Fairy!!!

I have seen two basic flavors of the GIF. One flavor of the Good Idea Fairy is truly excited about a new idea and really would like to see it come to fruition. I think this type of GIF would actually like to be the one to implement their idea, but they are so busy installing other awesome ideas that any new plans just get thrown on top of the good idea trash heap. This GIF spews out so many good ideas at such a fast rate that you can’t keep track of them all. The second flavor of the Good Idea Fairy tosses out their idea with an air of smugness. They present it in a team meeting as if to say, “Fellow minions, behold the greatness of my idea!! Bow your heads in respect!”. This is the most common brand of GIF in Corporate America. Most of their sentences start with phrases such as, “you should…”, “what you need to do….”, “if I was you…”, “the best way to do this….”. This GIF just wants to sound authoritative, especially in the presence of management. Also this Good Idea Fairy has no intention in providing any real help, they only want to purvey their knowledge onto the lesser educated minions. Do you know any Good Idea Fairies?? Of course you do…we all do.

That is it for now – send me your favorite Corporate America Good Idea Fairy story…. Be sure to check out the “THE CHALLENGE” page and send me your CA story.  If I use it I’ll send you a cheap, crappy T-shirt!!!

Until next time my minion-in-arms, keep your head down and keep wearing that Kevlar underwear!!

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