Whine and Cheese!

10 OCT 2019

I want to stop whining…but I can’t!

Hello Corporate American Minions! Once again here I am for another installment of truth.

Today’s topic is in regards to something all office slaves are very familiar with – work place whining. If you have worked in an office environment for more than a day then you know about office whining. Someone always has a beef about something: meetings that are too early, meetings that are too late, someone dissed someone else, vending machine stole your money, have to work this weekend, the list goes on and on and on….Personally I don’t mind office whining that much – either doing it or hearing it. It is normally a good frustration venting mechanism and it is also an excellent way to pick up on office “intel” – who is dating who, someone is about to get fired, promotions, raises, layoffs! Office minions definitely have loose lips when it comes to b%$tching about the boss or co-workers or even what is happening at home! The key to whining is to know how to regulate yourself and know “when to say when“. Even though we all like to pick-up on good office dirt, nobody wants to associate with Eeyore – the incessantly whining, doom and gloom donkey from Winnie the Pooh…. its all about “work/whining” balance.

Does Eeyore work at your office?

There is a saying, “if they are not b$!tching, they are not happy“. If that is really the case, then I work in the happiest place on Earth!!! Forget Disney World!!! Come spend a week of your vacation at my office if you want to experience true happiness!! I will even charge you exorbitant amounts of money and make you stand in line for hours so that you get the full Disney experience while basking in all the happiness!!

Whining is a way of life!

Isn’t it great that we live in a country where we can whine and moan non-stop about inconsequential things that happen at the office? Most of the things I hear being whined about during the morning coffee break are forgotten by lunch and replaced by a new batch of complaints by the mid-afternoon break that same day. Corporate America Minions’ first world problems are awesome…not like those third world savages that constantly complain about starvation, abject poverty, civil war, rampant disease, surviving day-to-day…what a bunch of big babies! I’d hate to work in their office and have to listen with all that. Continue your whining ways Corporate America Minions so we can understand how bad you have it.

That is it for now – send me your favorite “Work Whiner” story…. Be sure to check out the “THE CHALLENGE” page and send me your CA story.  If I use it I’ll send you a cheap, crappy T-shirt!!!

Until next time my minion-in-arms, keep your head down and keep wearing that Kevlar underwear!!

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