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Corporate Dog

My fellow Corporate America Minions thanks for dropping by!

I’ve been been living in the Corporate America cube jungle for about 30-ish years. I want to share my thoughts and experiences, but I also very much want to hear about yours!!  I hope to make a final exit from CA within the next year, but as with all things I will have to map out my escape plan. For me personally, I find it very hard to just make whim decisions and go with it. I normally have to plan 3 days in advance just to be spontaneous.

Favor: Please send me suggestions on how to improve this site. I plan to add graphics, videos, better content, and maybe an online store to sell crappy T-shirts at a loss. So send me feedback. If possible make it constructive criticism – I can get suggestions like “you suck” and “drop dead loser” from my wife.

Email me at: corporatedog@dogscorporateblog.com or use the CONTACT menu option.